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As kids, we all have been in that situation where our parents would insist us to stop playing and study. And now, when we have become parents ourselves, we probably do the same to our kids. But today, PICT will give you some very good reasons to not do that anymore and allow your children to play as much as you urge them to study.

Nature’s touch-

When kids engage in outdoor activities, they are playing in the mud and grass, and are subconsciously noticing the birds, trees, skies, clouds and sun. We live in times where it is easier for kids to fall in love with the technology (because everybody else is) and sit at one place engaged in it for hours. Outdoor activities undoubtedly will help your kid stay in touch with nature and learn many life lessons from it. Also, they help create a bond with nature and children thus learn to responsibly conserve it, which is the need of the hour.

Physical fitness-

Like discussed earlier, kids (and adults, too) can sit in front of their mobiles and laptops for hours! This and the changing lifestyle including food and sleeping patterns is leading us to problems like obesity and other health problems. When kids are active in the outdoors, they ward off problems like obesity and heart ailments, not just for now but in the long run too. Engaging in outdoor activities will also improve their metabolism and they will be having their meals on time. Playing will also help them boost their immunity, relieve them from stress, improve their vision and get some much needed Vitamin D. They will also feel tired and sleep on time too (who knew that letting kids play will solve half of our parenting problems?)

Sensorial benefits-

Outdoor activities like sports help in sensory stimulation, especially in little kids. They develop body awareness and body space, develop a sense of balance, coordination of various body parts, sense of touch and body stability.

Communication and social skills-

There’s no two ways on the fact that good communication and social skills are necessary for everyone. If kids are introduced to these basic etiquette from the very beginning, they grow up as strong, confident and approachable adults. And what better way to introduce communication and social etiquette to kids while they are playing? Kids will learn to be more understanding, cordial and will also develop leadership skills. They will develop social skills while interacting with their peers and develop lifelong friendships.


Outdoor activities teach kids to be competitive and accept failures at the same time. They learn how to accept and rise from failures and keep their competitive spirits high. When they win, they end up boosting their self-esteem and confidence. So, isn’t that the perfect win-win situation?

Outdoor activities provide a lot of first-hand experiences to the kids and since nature is the best teacher, kids also learn the lessons quickly. It also helps boost memory, improve focus and concentration. Outdoor activities also encourage creativity and a healthier lifestyle.

PICT has given you many reasons to set your kids free and let them play! So the next time you chide your kid for playing for a bit too long, remember all the life lessons and benefits that they are subconsciously learning!

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