Learning By Doing

PICT Model School has adopted a unique methodology that is well suited to the childs innate quest to learn by "doing". Most of the learning activities are through a number of sequential and scientifically designed tools for multi-sensory aspects and individualized education. The school provides an array of valuable experiences from which children create their knowledge.

The shift from a theme-based approach to a more specialized and focused understanding of concepts in varied disciplines helps students of middle and senior section gain insights into their areas of interest. The students are encouraged to explore and investigate; consolidate and connect, what they learn; ponder over and question it, and then demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.

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  • Admission 2019-2020
    Dear Parents,
    Counselling and interaction with the Principal will be scheduled for parents,from 5th December across grades, as per the token number generated after filling in the online admission form. It is mandatory for both the parents to be present along with your ward. The entire process of admission will take one full day (8.15 am onwards). Please come with the required documents as stated in the admission form. Kindly note, appointments cannot be rescheduled whatsoever.

  • PICT Model School is proud to announce that it has become a 'Cambridge English School' a part of the global initiative of University of Cambridge, Uk to help people learn English and Prove their Skills to the world.
    Now learn English language with an integrated English programme from one of the world's leading universities only at PICT Model School.

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What Parents Have To Say

"At the end of the academic year 2018-2019, I , parent of Suhani Iyer, Grade 3 Cygnus would like to take this opportunity to appreciate PICT Model school for all efforts taken educators and Principal Madam.
Last year I have taken admission for my daughter in the school and can definitely mention I can see remarkable change in her. She now takes responsibilities for her own studies and practice work. She has become completely independent. Also would like to appreciate reciprocal method of revising the portion before exams that definately helps kids to become more responsible and develop confidence in them. This is also helping parent to relieve exam pressure, if any.
I really thank all staff members, educators and Principal for taking care of each and every aspect required in the school. I am very Happy that I took decision to change school for my daughter and take admission in PICT Model school."
Thanks & Regards
Sanchali Iyer (Mother of Suhani Iyer - Grade 3 Cygnus)

Dear Ma'am,
My son 'Hitesh Khetarpal' studies in Junior KG-BlueBells and would like to thank the PICT staff (the Principal, teachers - Ms. Bharati, Ms. Priyanka and all Maushis) for putting in constant efforts towards the development of Hitesh. I can actually see a major development in him - be it his liking for going to school, be it listening to my instructions, be it talking about his favorite teachers (Ms. Bharati and Ms.Priyanka), be it his interpersonal skills, be it talking about new concepts being introduced or the vocab he is using at home (offcourse learning from his teachers). I would really like to thank all of you for making Hitesh believe in himself and taking him to the next level.
Thank you.
Anshu Khetarpal (Hitesh Khetarpal - Junior KG BlueBells)

I maybe a bit late in sending this email across but trust me it still has the same intensity with which I wanted to thank each and every one of you who contributed to the wonderful concert on the 22nd of December,2018.
I was glued to each performance of every little kid and couldn’t stop feeling proud of the discipline everyone followed on stage and off stage.The credit goes to the principal madam,teachers and the entire staff who taught them all of it.
We are really happy to be associated with you all and have deep trust in every soul contributing towards making our kids confident and disciplined!
Thank you so much!!
Veena Ramanathan (Kaavya Ramanathan - Grade 6)

Respected Ma'am,
Thanks for your kind note, I am delighted to receive the same.
Firstly, many thanks for the opportunity in conducting this workshop where I tried to show the Digital evolution towards betterment of our society. It gave me immense pleasure to conduct the session for our learners and will look forward to share the knowledge. As the famous quote states, "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think" - Socrates.
Appreciate the level of details covered in your note and student's well-articulated blog, it fulfills the very purpose of connecting with learners, imparting right knowledge and ignite positive thinking. Perhaps, I got equally astounded with the enthusiasm, curiosity & intellect exhibited by the learners. The questions raised and inquisitiveness is inspiring and commendable.
Even, upon arrival the initial briefing and setup was quite well taken care by Ms. Trupti, Ms. Sophia and supporting staff. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the open and insightful discussion with you over the coffee. Needless to mention, that the PICT family is nurturing & transforming with your initiatives and leadership. Hence, I too can vouch to reaffirm 'Yes, the future is exciting'.
Best wishes for all your efforts in this year. I will be glad to help and support PICT family in any ways.
Thank you once again.
Best Regards,
Vishal Jain (Aarav Jain – Grade 5 Orion)

Dear Principal Mam,
This email is to wish congratulations to the winning team of grade 2 and grade 3 of PICT model school who picked up the SHAPE Super Cup 2018 Inter School Football Cup. It was creditable to see how the coaches miss Sridevi and Sajid Sir have groomed the tiny kids of our school so well.Hats off to their training skills.It was such a pleasure to see them keep calm during the matches and guide our players.
Not to forget parents of PICT model school who came to cheer our teams.Also commendable to see grand mothers of Shibani Gupte and Rushil Chati to be there at the grounds to cheer our teams!
I want to say that the kids showed immense stamina when they played their finals at 10pm . Also thanks to admin mam to be present at the venue .
Lastly I would like to congratulate Master Rushil Chati and Master Ranvir Patil of grade 2 and grade 3 respectively to pick up the trophy for best players.
Wonderful strategy and training has been given to the PICT model school football team by our coaches.
Sharing a few snaps with you.

Respected madam,
I am extremely grateful to the entire team of PICT to give me an opportunity to interact with the tiny tots of Pre Primary Section today at PICT Model School. It gave me immense pleasure and helped me see myself through the eyes of young ones. It was indeed a pleasure to see them bombarding me with questions which I believe is due to their exposure they are getting in PICT. The ignition is already on... soon they will imagine and innovate....This is the message which I got at the end of the session. Will be more than happy to be of any help to conduct sessions and interactions to the best of my knowledge in future too. My daughter was equally excited to know about the session and was constantly asking me about how the tiny tots reacted to seeing a doctor in classroom. So we both mother and daughter were equally excited. Thanks to Dr. Pampa Ma'am for considering me for this session. Special mention to Trupti Ma'am and all the teachers and staff of Sr.Kg who had helped me in all possible ways.
Thanking you,
- Dr. Deepthy Lakshmi Pillai (Mother of Shreya Pillai, Grade 2 Orion)
Guest Speaker
Theme - Community Helpers

Dear Ma'am,
I would like to share our great experience with PICT Model school for our twins Samar and Kiara Gupta studying in Nursery Frangipani. Please pass on the thanks to everyone mentioned in the mail.
Dear Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri Ma’am and the entire School Staff of PICT Model School, I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful care and love shown to our twins: Samar and Kiara Gupta studying in Nursery. I would like to specifically thank Mitranjali Miss and Clarett Miss for the fabulous job they have been doing with such tiny tots. They are playing the role of children’s mother, friend and guide when the children are away from home and making sure they are well cared of. I would also like to share that my twins have learnt our National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) in such a short span of time (5 weeks) and it is amazing to hear them sing it. They sing the anthem full day and enjoy doing so. Whoever has heard them sing are so pleasantly surprised and it is making me feel so proud. They are learning new things each day and talk about it excitedly when they come home. Our twins look forward to the Friday Happy hour when something special is arranged for them (we too look forward to it).
I would like to appreciate the security staff at the gates and helping staff of ladies who ensure that our children are picked and dropped with utmost care and love. It was never so quick, simple and easy to drop and pick children from the school.
Finally, I would like to say that choosing PICT Model school was a great decision and I am very happy and confident about it.
- Smita Jain, Mother of Samar and Kiara Gupta: Nursery Frangipani

Respected Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri Madam and the entire School Staff,
Can’t believe it’s already one year that Sanvi and Trisha are at PICT Model school and now have completed 1 month of their academic year as well.
I can’t thank you all enough for making such a wonderful learning experience in the first year of the school. Having come from US, and never attended any school in India before, we and the girls were very anxious. But believe me, in no time the girls not only got comfortable but started enjoying the school-may it be studies, sports, programs, functions or numerous fun activities at school. They always used to be back home with all the smiles.
Adjusting to a different studying style and environment was another challenge(which we had thought earlier), but thanks to all the teachers, honestly it never got challenging. The girls studied everything on their own, with the help of the teachers ONLY. It never became a burden for them even during the exam time. And the results proved it all, they both passed with flying colors. (We were or will never be overly worried/concerned about the marks though, the girls being happy and enjoying their school is all that matters to us.) The true testimonial came in when we heard the girls telling their friends back in US that we have less Home work here than in US, who used to question them with obvious curiosity "You must be having lot of studies and home work there right???"
One more aspect worth mentioning is that, I have never seen more passionate teachers for the extra-curricular activities at school. May it be Art, Dance or Sports teachers, they are equally dedicated and motivating as that of the Academic teachers. It's great to see a perfect blend of work/studies and play. This will not only help in the learners overall development but will make them well-equipped for tomorrow to face the outside world with self-reliance and confidence.
Not to forget the nutritious and delicious meals that are served in the cafeteria. The girls simply love the variety of food that is offered without realizing that its in-turn a perfect balanced diet.
Again I appreciate and thank Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri, Ms. Shilpa, Ms. Shruti and Ms. Payal and the entire school staff for laying a strong foundation to their academic stint and having a seamless transition to a new chapter in their life.
Looking forward to the wonderful years at PICT ahead!!
- Amruta Thite.

Respected Ma'am,
Thank you for these wonderful 3 weeks and 1 more to go, from us.
Special mention of appreciation for the security staff at the gates and the helping staff of ladies who are extremely vigilant and caring.
Morning drops are relatively easier and pickups are getting better with the security staff of gentlemen and helping staff of ladies always alert and without wasting any time helping to get each child either to the car or the parent waiting in line.
Usha ma'am ever smiling and trying her best to answer any questions her way, I think it was very thoughtful of Shubha ma'am to return my call when she said she would call me back.
I wish I had got the names of the security n helping staff to mention but they are so focused whenever I have seen them that I have not asked them their names but a Thank you every time or a good morning hopefully makes them feel as nice as they make us feel.
Thank you again, we are very secured and leave for our vacation with smiling faces
- Smita Nanal (Angad Nanal - Orion Grade 1)

Heartiest Congratulations to Ms.Sophia Rasundram, Ms.Nivita Michael and Ms.Anupama Nair on having qualified as Speaking Skills Examiner from Cambridge. Also, congratulations to PICT Model School for being chosen as the venue for the first Cambridge English Examiners - orientation programme. I am sure it must have been a great experience.
I am happy to share with you that my son, Aadit Munje, VI Emerald, has now settled in the new school environment. I am happy to see the changes in him with respect to his studying style. Even though he is very independent in all other things, when it came to studies he was inclined to do it ONLY with me or his dad. However, now he tells me that he would like to do his homework by himself and I should only guide him where ever necessary. He also discusses at length about the things being taught in school, his teachers, old and new friends, group activities, group discussions etc. Although he still misses his friends at INS, he is now happy to be at PICT.
Sincere thanks to the PICT Team! Looking forward to a great year ahead!
Warm regards,
Preeti Munje

Respected ma'am,
It was indeed a great pleasure throughout the academic year 2017-2018. As a parent I would definitely say that PICT Model School has delivered all that has been promised during the time of admission(maybe even more). My daughter also has only sweet memories of her grade 1 journey at PICT School. From assessment papers to happy hours, PICT has given both the child and the parent a unique and new experience which as a child probably I never got. With less academic pressure but more exposure, and excellent infrastructure, PICT School has created its own uniqueness in the field of education. There is no doubt that PICT Model school will be among one of the best schools in near future. The school has always been receptive to the parents' concern throughout the year, and I definitely understand how difficult it is to implement so many requests and changes. But yet the school has tried its best. I would definitely like to mention the commendable job done by respected principal madam at this point. With a smile on her face she has always addressed the kids as well as parents, responding to our mails even on Sunday's! I am sure PICT can touch heights under her guidance and leadership. Hope that we have a wonderful journey in coming years too.
Thanking you,
- Dr.Deepthy Lakshmi Pillai, mother of Shreya Pillai , Grade 1 Pegasus

Dear Principal M'aam,
Thanks for the memorable year at the School. We and Swarali (Grade 1) have enjoyed it and really look forward to another exciting year.
Also, a big thumbs up for the assessment papers throughout the year. The Papers have been so outstanding in terms of application of the mind. The questions sometimes make me think as well, something which I didn't do in my schooling days. Me and my husband are both happy to see the assessment papers. I understand sometimes learners lose marks because of the tricky questions, but that really doesn't matter to me as long as Swarali applies the knowledge she gains. I have had only positive things to say about the school since we met you last year.
Thank you!!!!! Look forward to another year !!!!!!
Advocate Harshada Nijsure ,Pune

Dear Principal Ma'am,
Hello, I am sharing few snaps of the Space Exhibition at Shivaji English School, Saswad; Where our child Mandar Kolhatkar(Grade 3, Orion) represented our School as a volunteer to explain exhibits namely, Cassini Spacecraft to Saturn which also included Huygen Probe to Titan.
He was the youngest volunteer to share this responsibilty with students from other schools who were from higher secondary grades. We sincerely thank you for your strong support in helping us to develop Mandar's co-curricular and extra-curricular interests.
Yours Sincerely,
Meenakshi & Mohan Kolhatkar

We are happy to receive your warm Welcome and would like to take this opportunity to include special thank you to every one who made our child feel comfortable and safe just like his current pre school.
Thank you Pranjal ma'am as when I had visited PICT 2 years back you were as informative as when we met you in August 2017. Most of our questions were answered by the website and rest by You so it was really assuring.
Usha ma'am you were our point of contact via phone and always courteous, the admin department is the main crux of a good establishment so you gained our trust by correct information always.
We met a few teachers yesterday who unknowingly were observed by my son as he was trying to search a comfort zone with them.
Music teacher Ms.Akshaya, Shilpa teacher, Trupti teacher each one was very informative and open to any new questions asked.
My son saw the school for the first time and enjoyed the tour given and explained by our music teacher.
Trupti teacher came back with the refund information so that all parents were made aware thereby showing transparency.
Shilpa teacher explained all the fundamentals of academics crystal clear.
Thank you to the maushis from support staff who escorted us to the washrooms as we were still wondering which corner turns where in the magnificent spacious building.
Rajoshree teacher thank you for offering warm food which was so necessary for the children and us too.
It gave my husband and me an instant feeling of good simple clean food and we requested our form back to place a tick mark on food from school section.
Lastly, it was a pleasure meeting Principal ma'am for us where we enjoyed our interaction which was more like an exchange of ideas, goals towards a better future with PICT Model school and its entire team for years to come.
Heart felt Regards,
On behalf of :
Happy parents of Angad, Rahul & Smita.

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend the Grand Parents day at my grandson Rushil's school on 18th July 2017. A well structure and organized programme was performed so meticulously by the young ones, appropriately themed for the occasion brought a greater delight to us and all the grandparents . Needless to say that the credit goes to the Principal mam ,teachers and the Staff for their innovative way, instilling the cultural values among their students.
Impressed with the infrastructure already in place what is undergoing,one can visualize the focus laid on the foundation of all round development of the budding minds of the little ones!
Thank you for this wonderful event!
On behalf of :
Col and Mrs.UG Umbrani
(Grand Parents of Rushil Chati , Grade 1, Pegasus)

Please accept our deep gratitude for the superbly conducted grandparents day yesterday. Shibani' grandparents were in awe of the school and the faculty and were all gaga over the highly efficient management of the event. It sure was a special moment for all her grandparents to have been invited to their granddaughter' school which has a "huge campus, classy and efficient classrooms, super library, so many computer...and above all the courteous teachers and the staff" (verbatim grandparents). As parents, our sincerely and heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, principal, helpers, other staff, all others who took efforts and our 'citizens of the future', to have arranged this event which (am sure) will be cherished by the grandparents. Needless to mention all grandparents must be looking forward for another opportunity to be 'back to school'. Congratulations and thank you to all. - Warm regards,
Kalpana & Rajesh Gupte
(parents of Shibani, Gr I, Orion)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING RISHABH'S PICTURES. It gave us an insight about his activities at the day care. As parents, it was very comforting. We both are really happy with his overall development as a toddler. He has started conversing in English now, enjoys drawing and painting too at home. Great work by all of you. Keep it up!
- Namrata Pawar and Rohan Wankhede

" We are glad with the ease and comfort which our child feels at the school.. we were sceptical as how Pavit would adjust to this environment but he readily absorbed it as his routine. He is a happy kid when he has to go to school . He looks forward to each new day. He loves his school and we are happy we took the decision of enrolling him to PICT MODEL SCHOOL.. We thank you mam for such a good atmosphere that our child is in and all the teachers, staff members, administrative staff and the support staff who are taking such good care of our kids away from home. Apart from this the safety that is maintained by the bus transportation staff is commendable. The staff and the teachers do not hand over the kid without the Escort Cards even to us parents. we believe completely that our children are in safe hands. Looking forward to the session from June. Thanks "
- Gurjeet kaur Phul, Mother of Pavit Grade 1 Orion

" It was great experience while we visit PICT Model School First time. I appreciate your response during admission process and all details have explained to us with transparency. Overall it's great experience.... In just 2 weeks, My both sons Shanay and Shaarav are very happy with PICT school because they are learning lot of new things with well-designed curriculum focusing on practical examples mixed with fun activities making the learning at PICT very interesting. "
- Sandeep Khare, parent of Shanay and Sharaav.

" Caring and qualified teachers, attention to detail, very regular and systematic feedback provided around students development, excellent infrastructure."
- Vinod Pillai, parent of Ananya and Anjali Grade 1

" The Best school; best concepts, personal attention; and best infrastructure is cherry on the top. "
- Jui Deshmukh Singh, parent of Durga Singh Grade 3

" When the school started, we were little anxious for Aaravya settling down in a completely new environment. But to our surprise these 4 weeks went completely smooth and this transitions was too comfortable, not as expected from him. But everyday when we saw him returning all happy and excited we were happy too. This mail is in reference to all the sincere efforts taken by the entire team of PICT in settling the kids and there anxious parents too. We would like to thank you all for these brilliant four weeks of excitement, fun and encouragement. We all are looking forward to the fun filled summer holidays and a new session to begin with. "
- Parul Agarwal, Mother of Aaravya Agrawal Grade 1 Orion

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