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Seasons and applicable healthcare

“Health is Wealth” is one of the most popular saying we grew up listening to. Here at PICT, we would want to go a step ahead to say “Health is greater than wealth”.

Allow us to take you through these scenarios:
1. Your kids are in a hurry to run out to the playground and you are concerned about their health. Have they worn the proper sports gear? Have they applied the mosquito repellent? | Are they wearing clean and dry shoes and socks?
On the other hand, your children are least interested in taking care of their shoes or clothes. All they wantto do is reach the playground and play.

2. After the game, your children come back home, way past their meal time. Instead of washing their dirty hands, they go straight to the kitchen looking for something to eat. There goes your concern, again, about the safety of your kids from unwanted diseases.

Relatable right?
At PICT, we experience the same concern, when you put your trust in us and leave your children with us in the campus.
With changing seasons, our health habits and meal plans should change as well. Being the second home of your children, we have devised a detailed healthcare plan. We make sure they are in safe environment, eat healthy and learn hygiene habits.

This is how PICT ensures your child’s health during the changing seasons:
1. Specific meal plans for each season
Meal planning is a great way to make sure children are eating balanced diets and fulfilling their nutritional needs. However, as weather changes, so should the diet. At PICT, we include regular fruits and salads in our daily meal plan, which are a rich supply of vitamins and minerals.Our meals are customized according to seasons and health standards. For example, all our food is shallow fried and not deep fried and we use jaggery in our meals in place of sugar. No kind of packaged food is served in our cafeteria.

2. In and outdoor activities
Sports and other activities ensure students’ physical and cognitive development. We at PICT, understand our responsibility towards maintaining good health in students. We arrange different indoor and outdoor games depending on the climate, so that children are not denied the fun because of bad weather, and are also protected against diseases that comes with seasonal change.

3. Disease precaution and prevention
Every season comes with a plethora of viruses and diseases. Rainy season, for example, brings with it ‘the hand-foot-mouth disease’, a mild, contagious viral infection, common in young children. Only with proper care and precaution, can we avoid falling sick and enjoy the changing weather. At PICT, students are taught the basic health habits for preventing diseases and they are encouraged to practice it.

4. Personal hygiene
We inculcate in our learners, various beneficial habits that can help them maintain personal hygiene. We educate the importance of cleanliness and why is it extremely necessary for a healthy living. Be it clothes, or socks, or hair and nails, we encourage students to always observe hygiene in their regular activities.

PICT Model School provides effective healthcare plans for your children. With our dedicated staff and caretakers, healthy meals, and numerous physical activities, we make sure that our campus is filled with healthy, happy and active children.

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