Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Does your child have big dreams to become a performing artist…

Then, you are at the right place

Performing Arts help in moulding and nurturing the mind and soul of young children, making them better individuals. It helps in their all-round development and improves skills for lateral thinking. Practicing any art form dedicatedly will help the child to excel in all spheres of education.

We, at PICT Model School, strongly believe that each learner is a unique individual having exclusive interests and we always encourage them to follow their passion. Children are given ample scope to explore and choose their field of interest which makes them autonomous learners and independent thinkers.

We have a team of extremely passionate and self-motivated facilitators who constantly inspire the learners to follow their dreams and excel in their respective fields. Performing Arts is considered as a complete system of education in our school. We not only share the subject knowledge but also conduct insightful assessments (both practical and theory), helping the learners to improve and prepare themselves for a career in Performing Arts. Our facilitators take special care to keep up the enthusiasm of the learners, creating a positive environment for them to demonstrate their talent.

There is an appropriate amalgamation of tradition and technology at our school. Learners are given a chance to be connected with our Indian art and culture and at the same time prepare and present themselves globally. We offer art forms ranging from Indian Classical vocal music (Carnatic Music) and classical dance (Bharatanatyam) to Western Instrumental music and contemporary dance. We have joined hands with our educational associates Furtados School of Music (FSM) and Shiamak Dance Education to help our children discover the fields of western instrumental music and contemporary dance styles. Both FSM and Shiamak are renowned in the performing arts arena.

We have left no stones unturned to provide the best infrastructure for our learners. We have complete floor dedicated for performing arts where children enthusiastically experience the true essence of their art forms.

In short, PICT Model School is the perfect place for a young bud to blossom into a beautiful flower in the field of performing arts.