Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Survey no. 6, Mahalunge-Balewadi, Pune – 411045
Minutes of the 3rd Executive Committee of Parent Teacher Association (EPTA) Meeting

Date: 18 th October, 2018, Thursday

Time: 10.30am to 12.30 pm

Venue: Board Room of PICT Model School

Members Present:

Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri


Ms. Jaya Swami

Secretary, Teacher Representative- Grade 3

Ms. Amruta Patwardhan

Jt. Secretary, Parent Representative-Grade 6

Mr. Nazim Sheikh

Parent Representative -Sr. Kg

Ms. Harsimran Ahuja

Parent Representative -Grade 2

Ms. Priyanka Birajdar

Parent Representative -Grade 3

Ms. Santosh Wadhwa

Parent Representative -Grade 5

Ms. Jaya Bharat

Parent Representative -Grade 7

Ms. Mitranjali Chakraborty

Teacher Representative- Nursery

Ms. Ashwini Gramopadhye

Teacher Representative- Jr. Kg

Ms. Vaishali Vyas

Teacher Representative-Sr. Kg

Ms. Sneha Bandopadhayay

Teacher Representative-Grade 1

Ms. Nivita Michael

Teacher Representative- Grade 2

Ms. Jimmy George

Teacher Representative- Grade 4

Ms. Shilpa Dubey

Teacher Representative- Grade 5

Ms. Anupama Patwardhan

Teacher Representative- Grade 6

Ms. Sophia Rasundram

Teacher Representative- Grade 7

Members Absent:

Ms. Rajashree Suryawanshi

Vice Chairperson, Parent Representative Grade 4

Mr. Abhijit Padale

Jt. Secretary, Parent Representative- Jr. Kg

Ms. Deepali Padale

Parent Representative- Nursery

Mr. Sunil Kamble

Parent Representative -Grade 1

  • 1. Reading and adopting MOM of 2nd August 2018
  • 2. Review of the First Term
  • 3. Upcoming Events
  • 4. Admissions 2019 -20
  • 5. Transport, Cafeteria, Uniforms, Books - Feedback
  • 6. External paid programmes 2019-2020

The meeting began at 10:30 A.M as the required quorum (one third of the total members and 50% of the parent representatives) was available. Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri, Chairperson of the EPTA of PICT Model School, began the meeting by welcoming the members and reading out the agenda of the day.

1) Adopting the minutes of the 2nd EPTA

Ms. Jaya Swami, Secretary, read out the minutes of the 2nd EPTA held on 2nd August, 2018. The members approved the minutes of the 2nd EPTA meeting without any modifications.

2) Review of the first term of current Academic Session

The Chairperson acknowledged and praised the efforts and support of the parents as well as educators during the entire term. She enumerated the major calendar events that took place since the last EPTA meeting on 2nd August, 2018.

  • The term 1 National Level Learnometer Assessment (XSEED) was conducted for Grades 1 to 7 on 13th August, 2018. Results were very impressive. Learners across all grades outperformed the National Average benchmark.
  • Field trips were organised for all the grades in the second week of September’18. Dr.Chaudhuri thanked all the parents who volunteered to accompany the educators in all the trips. Ms.Jaya Bharat, Parent Representative of Grade 7 informed that she had accompanied the learners in one of the trips and she wanted to place on records the unconditional support that the educators had extended to the learners under their care on the trip.
  • Term 1 exam across grades was successfully completed and results of same were shared via PTM held on 6th October, 2018. Answer scripts of learners from Grade 6 and above were shared with the parents too. Personal meetings, follow up meetings were conducted in which parents were given specific feedback and new strategies were discussed throughout week 22 (8th October to 12th October). In this context, Dr.Chaudhuri informed that owing to the growing number, from the next academic year, the PTM timings for Grades 6 onwards will not be same as Primary School. Primary School (Grades 1 to 5) will have PTM in the morning slot of Saturdays while the same for Grade 6 onwards will be conducted in the afternoon slot. This will enable educators to take regular classes for Grades 6, 7 and 8 in the morning slots. She also informed that from next academic year, Grades 6 onwards will have full day school on Saturdays however, learners will have their Happy Hour and Sports activities after lunch.
  • Dr. Chaudhuri informed the members about the status of the CBSE Affiliation conducted by the Inspection Committee on 16th August, 2018. She briefed the members that the Inspection Committee was extremely satisfied by the overall compliance with special mention of infrastructure of the school and the teaching-learning methodology. As per the committee’s suggestion all the educators has enrolled for CTET exam to be conducted in December 2018. The status of said affiliation is expected anytime in this academic year.
  • Grade 2 and Grade 3 made the school proud by clinching the Shape Super Cup Football Tournament while Grade 1 and 4 put up a brave fight in the game. Master Ranveer Patil of Grade 3 was the “Man of the Tournament” while Master Rushil Chati of Grade 2 was declared the “Man of the Match”. The entire team was felicitated in special school assembly.
  • EPTA members were informed about the Professional Development workshops. On 1st September and 8th September Hindi teachers attended workshops organised by Ratna Sagar and Saraswati Publications respectively. Visual Art teachers attended workshop on Creativity organised by Pidilite India on 10th September.
  • Dr.Chaudhuri informed that three educators have left the organisation –Ms.Karuna Sewlani, Ms.Mamta M who were in charge of Grade 2 and Ms.Priyanka Gupta, ICT teacher. In place of them, Ms.Chaitali Guha, Ms. Neelu Gogna have joined Grade 2 while Ms.Neha Paradkar has joined as the ICT teacher.

Thereafter, the Chairperson opened the floor for observations and suggestions regarding Term 1 to the other members.

Ms.Jaya Bharat, Parent Representative of Grade 7 put across the following points as suggestions:

  • From 8th Grade, NCERT books can be introduced so that learners can familiarize themselves with the CBSE Board expectation along with a few additional books like R.D Sharma. In this context, the Chairperson clarified that NCERT books will be the prescribed books from Grade 6 onwards as per the CBSE norms. However, CBSE books from different publishers, across all subjects will be made available in the classroom for reference.
  • Ms. Bharat requested for Career Counselling from Grade 7 onwards. The Chairperson informed that it is already under consideration from Grade 8 onwards. She added that to ensure learners get adequate exposure to different career options, from 22nd October, 2018, school is making arrangements to invite parents from different professions to interact with learners from Grade 5 onwards during the Vocational Education class held twice a week.
  • Ms. Bharat requested if the learners could observe the projects of their peers during Science Exhibition. Dr. Chaudhuri confirmed that this is already being deliberated upon.
  • Ms. Bharat requested if the answer sheets and question papers of Term Exams of Grade 7 can be sent home for parents’ analysis because of lack of time during PTM. The Chairperson explained that as per the CBSE norms the answer scripts have to preserved in the School and sending scripts home could be liable to damage and loss. However, during the extended PTM sessions for Grades 6 and above, parents will get sufficient time to review them.
  • Ms.Santosh Wadhwa, Parent Representative of Grade 5, raised a concern regarding the rough auditorium flooring which is damaging the socks of the learners. The Chairperson informed that the auditorium flooring is not rough, the damage is due to the commute from the classroom to the auditorium. Learners prefer to leave their shoes in their respective classroom as they get mixed up in front of the auditorium. However, she requested the members to brainstorm and come up with a better solution in the next EPTA meeting.
  • Ms. Bharat raised a concern regarding homework on higher side in Grade 7 given the elaborated time of school hours. The Chairman clarified that w.e.f October 2018, the count of assignments and assessments have been streamlined as 2 per day. The WTR reflects the submission time also to help learners plan their tasks accordingly.
  • Ms. Harsimran Ahuja, Parent Representative of Grade 2, requested if the exams can be avoided during festival season. The Chairperson clarified that according to CBSE norms, the term exams are to be concluded by the month of September/October and March only.
  • Ms. Amruta Patwardhan, Jt. Secretary & Parent Representative of Grade 6 expressed her concern on restricting the sports periods during the month of September. She also requested to understand the techniques of differentiation that is applied in academics. Dr.Chaudhuri assured the members that sports and library periods will never be compromised in the School. She also explained how and why differentiation techniques are applied in the teaching-learning process in the School.

3) Upcoming Events in Term 2

Dr.Chaudhuri enumerated the major events in this quarter of Term 2 which is as follows:

Event Name Dates Details of the event
Annual Day - Pre- Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 15 December 2018 Pre-Primary event would happen in morning and for Grade 1 and 2 in evening hours. Vendor contract for costumes was shared with EPTA members.
Annual Day - Grade 3 to 7 22 December 2018 To happen in evening hours.
XSEED Teaching Learning Audit 24 October and 26 October 2018 To observe and inspect the teaching methodology
Joy of Giving Week 29 October to 02 November 2018 Learners will hand over the items as mentioned in Beacon Week 22 to the helper staff as a token of appreciation.
Inter house Dodge ball Competition (Grades 5 and above) 26 October 2018 As the skating rink is not in place, Grades 5 and above will have Dodge ball Competition in lieu of.
Professional Development 6th October, 2018 Special educators along with Performing Art educators attended a workshop organised by Dr.Shanta Vaidya Foundation to understand the learners having exceptional needs.
Swimming pool Operational from 29 October 2018 Special timetable from 29 October to 02 November 2018 to enable all learners to get into the pool. However, children having cough and cold and other medical restrictions shall not be permitted to get into the pool. Regular sessions would commence post Diwali vacations.
Shooting range November, 2018 All learners of Grades 6 onwards would be exposed to shooting considering the benefits it has on improving the level of concentration.

The Chairperson also stated that from this term, School has commissioned a new digital solution – ETH for all academic, administrative and financial transactions both internal as well as external. Parents have got individual log in and password through which they can access all notifications and circulars from our end. They have access to the Parent App too through which they can access the portal from their smart phones. All Beacons and all notifications from 1st October have been sent through this portal and we are trying to sort out all technical glitches as and when the parents are reporting. From 22nd October, 2018, for the convenience of all, all notifications from School will be numbered just as Beacon.

All members were notified that for better administration henceforth, parents have to make all payments online through this portal only.

Ms.Jaya Bharat, Parent Representative of Grade 7 requested if the functionality of the online application can be enhanced to give an alert for new notifications. The Chairperson assured that the feasibility would be explored.

4) Admissions for the academic year 2019-2020

Admission process of siblings for the academic year 2019-2020 has been initiated between 5th October and 12th October, 2018. The entire admission process for the Siblings would conclude in October 2018. The members were notified that admissions for Sr. KG and Grades 1 to 3 for the next academic year would be subject to cancellation only.

In the month of December, all existing parents will receive the revised fee structure along with an estimate of all applicable additional payment towards external assessments/ programmes, uniforms, transport, cafeteria etc. along with a consent form which they have to submit to express their intention to continue with the School for 2019-2020. Based on this information, seats will be released in the respective grade levels by the second week of January 2019.

Admission process for outsiders will commence from the month of December 2018 and application will be taken through the ETH portal only.

5) Pre-Primary to come under “Nestling’

The members were informed that for better management, the entire Pre-Primary section will henceforth come under ‘The Nestling’ header although nothing will change in terms of facilities and curriculum. The learners from Nestling would be directly enrolled to PICT School. A new website for Nestling is under process.

6) Feedback for Transport, Cafeteria, Uniforms and Books

  • The members were informed that the fee towards cafeteria and transport will remain the same till 2020-2021 like the academic fee. They will be revised as per the prevailing circumstances in the academic year 2021-2022.
  • EPTA members expressed concern over the pattern of skirts along with the fabric and requested to look into the possibility of changing it. Dr.Chaudhuri responded with a request to seek feedback from all parents, section wise, towards changing the same. The inputs shall be reviewed in next EPTA meeting.
  • he Chairperson informed that XSEED has come up with a revised version of their curriculum which has additional practice material. Educators are currently reviewing the same and if they feel the need to adopt the new version, a formal announcement will be done by this December. She also informed that the school library is being stalked with new reference books for the next academic year.

7) External Paid Programs (’19 - ‘20)

EPTA members were requested to reach out to parents of Grades 5 onwards for their feedback to incorporate additional paid programmes that aligns with the vision and mission of the School from external vendors for the upcoming year.

Ms. Jaya Bharat, Parent Representative of Grade 7 requested to send the relevant information by mail so that it can be deliberated upon with all parents.

This would be reviewed in the next meeting.

8) Miscellaneous

Ms. Amruta Patwardhan, Jt. Secretary & Parent Representative of Grade 6 put forward her suggestion to select a buddy representative along with the parent representatives during the selection process in the beginning of the academic year. However, after deliberation, all the members unanimously accepted that selecting a buddy representative is out of the purview of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee), Rules, 2016 and therefore, will be redundant herewith.

Dr.Chaudhuri took all the members for a school tour to show all the infrastructural development in the School since the 2nd EPTA Meeting in August, 2018.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the Chairperson at 12:30 pm.

Admission Enquiry 2019-20
Student Date of Birth
Admission Enquiry 2019-20
Student Date of Birth