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Vocation Education Astronomy for Beginners – Report No.6

Topic : Astronomy for Beginners
Trainer : Mr. Deepak Sharma
Date of Training : 17-01-2019
Timings : 8.40 am to 9.30 am
No. of Participants : 79
Venue : PICT Model School (Auditorium)

  1. To familiarize the learners about Astronomy.
  2. To acquaint the learners about solar system and its working.
  3. To brief the learners about Astronomical events going to happen in the year 2019.



The Session began with Mr. Deepak Sharma introducing himself. He briefed the learners how star gazing in his childhood had lead him to pursue it in detail and got him to know Mr. Jayant Narlikar (renowned scientist of Pune ) and had the privilege of having him as his guide for his PhD. Mr. Sharma along with his profession keeps himself abreast with the latest development in the space science.

His session was spread over four agenda

    1. What is astronomy?

    Mr. Sharma began the session by asking the learners the meaning of astronomy, wherein he explained that ‘astron’ means star and ‘nomos’ means laws. He also explained how astrophysics, astrobiology, cosmology were all a subset of astronomy.

    2. History of Astronomy- India connect

    He informed that the earliest roots of Indian astronomy can be dated to the period of Indus Valley Civilization or earlier. Astronomy later developed as a discipline of Vedanga or one of the "auxiliary disciplines" associated with the study of the Vedas. Later on contributions of Aryabhata had a profound influence on Astronomy.

    3. Astronomy as a hobby

    Mr. Sharma emphasized on the importance of spending time with grandparents, who will have a lot of stories to tell about the planets and the stars. Having a night out with family for a star gazing session will arouse the interest in astronomy. He also asked the learners to read and watch videos to nurture their curiosity about space science.

    4. Astronomy- as an option for studies and career.

    Mr, Sharma briefed about Jyotirvigyan Sansthan in Pune as being the oldest association of amateur astronomers in India.

He listed some institutes in India wherein we can pursue an undergraduate course in pure sciences (Physics) and then go in for a research in any of the privileged institutions like IISC (Bangalore) and IUCAA (Pune), BARC (Mumbai), IIST (Thiruvananthapuram) etc.

The session was made very interactive by asking questions and rewarding them with chocolates. The last session was the interactive session wherein Mr. Sharma answered queries of the learners. He as a memoir gave each learner a3D maps and 3D goggles.


Neil Lodha of Grade 5 thanked Mr. Sharma for the interesting, interactive session. All the learners requested him to come back with more interesting sessions on astronomy to which he obliged.

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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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