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Vocational Education Intellectual Property Rights – Report No.3

Topic: Intellectual Property Rights
Trainer: Mrs. Dipti Dapurkar
Date of Training: 28th November, 2018
Timings: 8.40 am -9.30 am
No. of Participants: 79
Venue: PICT Model School (Music room)

  1. To acquaint the learners with the safety of the intellectual property
  2. The thought process behind each invention
  3. To acquaint the learners with uses of patents

* Introduction:

The session began with the introduction of Mrs Dipti Dapurkar. Mrs. Dipti has done her masters in Biochemistry. She teaches in Fergusson College- Pune. She works as a detective to decide whether the invention should get a patent or not. She introduced the different types of IP (Intellectual Property).

* Different Types of IP:

  • • Trade Mark- it is a symbol, signature, icon or logo, which helps to establish a brand or company. It also helps to distinguish different community. A legal action can be taken if a trade mark is copied.
  • • Designs- It refers to only the features of shape, configuration, pattern ornamentation composition of colours or lines or combination thereof applied to an article. They can be registered for 15 years in India.
  • • GI (Geographical Indications)- It refers to the names of actual location that are linked to a product. It identifies a product from a respective region.
  • • Copy right- It protects original artistic for all literary works like plays, books or other creative works. It has the longest life in the intellectual property.
  • • Patents- It is a right granted to the inventor for his invention. The government gives the patent for 20 years, after the completion of the tenure, the patent can become public domain. Each object or invention has many patents. People can improve patents. Natural things cannot have a patent. There are different jobs in patent. For an invention to be patent, it should have the following criteria:
    1. It should not be obvious
    2. It should be useful

Different jobs in Patent:

  • • Patent Analyst
  • • Patent Valuers
  • • Licensing specialist

* Conclusion::

The session was conducted in a learner friendly manner and was extremely informational making the learners aware about preservation of intellectual property.

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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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