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How I met two authors

My school PICT gave me a chance to meet two authors by sending all children an invitation to visit the book store Crossword in our area.

I did not know about both the authors but I wanted to see why my mother was so excited to meet both authors.

Deepak Dalal Sir who I had heard about as my brother had the book 'The Snow Leopard' in his school syllabus.

Meeting an author who was as old as my own grandmother was a surprise who was Sudha Murthy aji.

I liked her sentence - If it is hard, work harder. I got a chance to request both authors to sign my books addressing to me.

I reallyy thank my school PICT for this experience which I will value as I grow older - Mummy says.

- Angad Nanal, Garde 1 Orion
10 December, 2018

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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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