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Vocational Education Research 2018-2019

Topic : Research
Trainer : Mr. Murugan, father of Riddhi Murugan, Grade 7
Date of Training Timings: 8.40am-9.40am
No. of Participants: 79
Venue: PICT Model School (Music room)


  1. To acquaint the learners to research.
  2. To encourage the learners to be curious and always keep asking questions
  3. To acquaint the learners to the 6 steps to create medicines

Synopsis :

  1. Introduction:
  2. The session began with the introduction of Mr. Murugan. Mr. Murugan has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He discovers and researches on drugs. He chose to pursue this career after witnessing a tragic incident in which his friend lost his life, due to a snake bite. In wonder, of the sequence of his friend’s death, Mr. Murugan was intrigued with questions.

  3. A Curious Mind:
  4. Mr. Murugan stated that only curious minds can discover and be successful. He also insisted on asking questions and finding out everything in our world.

  5. Amazing inventions:
  6. Mr. Murugan communicated the reason behind the invention of medicines. He added that medicines are invented to counter attack the bacteria and germs in our body. A video about the 10 amazing inventions of all time was shown. This included the following:
    • Wheel
    • Fire
    • Gravity
    • Evolution theory
    • Electricity
    • Big Bang Theory
    • Periodic Table
    • Quantum Theory
    • Atom Bomb
    • Relativity

  7. 6 Steps to Create Medicines
  8. Mr. Murugan, informed the learners about the 6 steps to create a medicine.
    First, a thorough research is done in the lab to test against protein or germs.
    Then, it is worked in a lab and a “test sample” is created.
    After that, it is checked by adding a medicine in a test tube of a disease.
    Next, it is tested on animals.
    Finally, it is tested on humans.
    This entire process takes about 15 years.


The session was conducted in a learner friendly manner. The trainer was a very motivational and urged the learners to be curious. It was an extremely motivational session that encouraged curiosity.

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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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