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What are the different career options for your child after High School?
The process of launching a teen into the “real world” can be a season of high anxiety for parents. The decisions teens make at the threshold of college life have lifelong implications. And needless to say, this is also the time, all teenagers encounter tremendous social pressure to follow traditional career options. So, what’s the best path for our teens? And how do we help them navigate their options so that they will be ready for a successful career?

Having an education in their desired field can be a great start to their career. But having a degree is not enough. There are myriad of people in the society with degrees. Perhaps, what we need for our kids, is to add value to their education.

What are the options?
1. College Degree

A traditional three or four years college degree or diploma in their desired field will prepare the children for a wide range of careers. Opting for a degree or diploma depends on individual goals and interests. For example, if they are planning to pursue masters in a field, theyneed to have at least three or four years graduate degree, however if they want to study for a shorter duration a diploma or a certificate course maybe better.

2. Vocational courses

Vocational courses offer training for a wide variety of skilled careers. Depending on the passions and skills of a student, this pathway can be the most reliable solution for a job.

3. Internship or Job

An internship is a paid, on-the-job training, in which your child will learn the skills required for a job under a professional. Internships provide an individual with an opportunity to learn about many facets of a particular career. They’re also a great way to make contact and develop mentoring relationships. Internships can be pursued along with diploma courses.

4. Military

Joining armed forces allow many teens to discover their skills, serve the country, get job training and travel the world. This can be a good option for students who thrive on structure and physical activities.

5. Gap year

For some teens, taking a year off between high school and college can be beneficial. It gives them time to study their options, revaluate different fields and take an informed decision about what they want to pursue in life. Nevertheless, taking a year gap is always better than being disappointed about wrong career choice in the long run.

How does PICT help?

PICT has always rooted for holistic development and a successful future for our learners. We expose students to different professions since 8th grade through guest lectures or assembly talks. They are encouraged to analyze different fields, ask questions and identify their talents. This helps our students to recognize their skills and the careers which are suitable to pursue keeping their interests and abilities in mind. Hence, they are inspired to start planning and working towards their dream careers and goals from school level itself.

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