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Life is a journey, not a race

PICT Model School's very own Mr. Nehal Singhal, a 6th Grader (Emerald), has some really beautiful and thoughtful information to share with his fellow classmates. Moreover, he also has a message for all educators of PICT. Read on to find out!

I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you thought you could be.

- Ken Venturi

The Term One exams have finished at PICT Model School. Every learner at school must acknowledge their educators for teaching them with all their heart. Once the exams are done, it isn’t the educators who gain something substantial, but it’s us, the learners, who do. The educators could just sit, make us read the textbooks, ask us a few questions, make us answer them and done, the period over! But, they don’t. They especially teach and make sure we excel with ease in each test because they know it is important for us. And because of all these efforts they take for us, I believe that they deserve a silent reward, a gesture of appreciation, a word, Thank You!

Nonetheless, the learners have also put in a tremendous amount of effort. Without lethargy or complaints, they have concentrated on the very task of excelling in the exams. Though the learners should remember that they should compete with themselves, surpass their own expectations. They shouldn’t compare themselves with others. Life itself is an exam and if we continuously keep comparing our progress with that of others, it will become a race. Yet, life isn’t a race; it shouldn’t be as it wasn’t a race, to begin with.

When we reflect upon these two weeks, we should be happy that we have taken the tests and done well on them. No matter what the score, as long as efforts, determination and a never-ending thirst to perform better was there with us. We should be proud of ourselves from within.

Mst. Nehal Singhal

Grade 6 Emerald

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Admission Enquiry 2019-20
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