Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

1 st Annual General Body Meeting of the Parent Teacher Association

Academic Year 2018-2019

Venue: Auditorium, PICT Model School.

Time: 10:30 am

Day and Date: Thursday, 12/7/2018


  1. Welcoming the members of the Annual General Body Meeting 2018-2019
  2. Introduction of the members of the Executive Committee.
  3. Reading of Bye Laws.
  4. Proposal for Buddy Parent in Executive Committee.
  5. Membership Fee of PTA and utilisation of the funds
  6. Vote of thanks.

The meeting was called to order and commenced at 10.30am after ascertaining the presence of the required quorum.

Dr. Pampa Chaudhuri, Chairman of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of PICT Model School, began the meeting by informing the members the dates and the mode of communication that were adopted to inform the members about the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting of the PTA (2018-2019). She then, introduced each member of the Executive Committee of the PTA for 2018-19. She briefed the members about the process of the selection of the members of the Executive Committee of the PTA. The Chairperson informed the members that SMC members had been involved in the draw of lots and the entire process was very transparent. It was also informed that the minutes of the meeting, general responsibilities and the Bye laws of the Executive Committee (of the PTA) of PICT Model School were displayed on the school website.

As per the agenda, the Chairperson proposed at the meeting, that as suggested by Mrs. Bharat (parent representative of Grade 7), about appointing a grade wise buddy parent attending the Executive Committee meeting in the absence of a Executive Committee member, in case of emergency. The parents agreed to it by a show of hands and decided that the buddy parent could be elected at the meeting itself. To this the Chairperson replied that the meeting could elect the buddy parent only if all the members of the PTA were present. The Chairperson urged the parent members to mail their class representative regarding the proposal for Buddy parent and if majority agreed to it then it would be considered in the next Executive Committee Meeting.

The Chairperson also intimated the parents that according to the Fee Regulation Act, 2012 the parent of every student in the school would be a member of the Parent-Teacher Association and an annual amount of rupees 20/- only would be collected from each member of the PTA. This collection would be done in the 2nd instalment of fees. This entire amount has to be utilised before the end of the current academic year. An account will be opened in the Janata Sahakari Bank, FC Road and will be operated jointly by the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairman of Executive Committee of the PTA. She asked the parents to suggest how to utilise the money as it has to be utilised in the same academic year and cannot be carried forward to the next academic year.

After the all the agenda items were discussed, the Chairperson addressed the concerns of the meeting.

The parents came up with some of their concerns like how to communicate with the school. To which the Chairperson replied that if the concerns are personal they cannot put it in the open forum. She assured that in case a personal mail is sent, regarding a specific concern about the child, it would be definitely replied to before the end of the day. The Chairperson also informed that the school would call for a personal meeting if needed, which would be kept highly confidential. She said that the school dairy was meant to write the practice work and about the assessment etc. Any behavioural concerns, fee related matter or poor performance in academics should not be written in the diary, the concerned parent would be called for a meeting and the concern would be addressed individually. The school authorities would meet with parents individually and not in groups. However, she encouraged the parents to use their strength to approach the civic authorities that govern the approach road to the School, the level of cleanliness and greenery around the vicinity of the School. The Chairperson urged the parents to keep themselves abreast with school events and happenings by going through the Beacon and school website. When asked about which mode of communication to be followed among SMS, Mail, Diary, Beacon, she informed that the “Contact Us” page no.2 in the School Diary mentions the mode of communication. It was also informed that keeping the growing strength in mind, ideally, the School would prefer Beacon to be the only mode of communication as detailed information about the upcoming events in the campus is mentioned in it.

Mrs. Aparna, a parent of Grade 5 learner expressed her feelings about the school. She said that she was very impressed with the school for working together with the learners. She thanked the entire PICT team for the pattern of teaching. Some parents had a concern with the PTM saying that they did not get enough time to meet the respective teachers as there was a huge crowd everywhere. To this the Chairperson replied that the teacher has to give feedback to every parent about their child which takes some time. She told them how the teachers are working hard and sometimes skip their meal as they take care of the learners in the cafeteria. She assured the parents that within a period of two months there will be changes that will be implemented keeping in mind the best interests of all the stakeholders.

A Preprimary parent suggested that physical activities should be added in their daily routine. To which the Chairperson replied that the physical activities are already integrated in the curriculum. However, she informed that free hand exercises could be incorporated in the assembly if deemed essential by the educators. The parent also asked about the completion of the portion in case of the learners’ absenteeism and it was replied that only if the child is not well the portion will be taken care of.

The Chairperson introduced the Parent Representative of the School Managing Committee, Mrs.Suja Nair and Mr.Abhijeet Khinvasara, to all the parents present in the meeting.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the Chairperson.

PICT Grade 3-7 Inquiry Form
PICT Grade 3-7 Inquiry Form